Release the past to a healthy future!

The Emotion Code is a technique that has been developed to give you firsthand awareness about trapped emotions
from your past that may be causing you physical or emotional pain. As an Emotion Code Practitioner 
I can identify and release trapped emotions from your past.


In addition to causing you physical pain such as back ache, neck pain, leg pain, or even headaches,
these trapped emotions can also be stopping you from moving forward with your career, relationship,
or any area of your life, sabotaging you from having the life of your dreams.

Who can benefit from the Emotion Code?

Almost anyone!

If you're ready to get help releasing your trapped emotions, start by contacting me today. We'll arrange a 30-minute session that can be done over the phone or we can Skype your session(s). It will be confidential and private, and you can do them from the comfort of your own home. All I need is your permission to release your emotions and then we will begin.  I will be doing all the work via the phone or Skype and you will just sit back and listen. Sometimes not all trapped emotions can be cleared in one session so we may need to schedule another session or two. You should start feeling the results right away or within the next couple of days!


Click here to set up a 30-minute discussion with me and see first-hand how my life coaching programs can make a real difference. I believe you're worth it – do you?

  • You find yourself feeling guilty about a past event or decision and you can’t move forward in your life  
  • You are stuck with old resentments from a past relationship that did not end well and you can’t move forward  
  • You are always getting mad and blowing up at your partner or your children and you can’t seem to control your emotions and don’t know why   
  • You are living in the past with “I should have done this” or "I should have married that one”  
  • Your career is going nowhere and can’t seem to move forward; it seems like you are taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back  

Emotion Code can help you especially if: 

The Emotion Code has helped children with behavioral disorders, individuals and soldiers who experience PTSD, and other individuals who are experiencing pain and discomfort driven by their personal history.

  •  You feel that you can never lose that extra weight, and you have excuses such as family genetics, making it difficult to be motivated 

  • You have had a consistent pain in your back that you cannot get rid of and so your home looks like the local pharmacy  

  • Your know that you are on the right path of your career or personal life but you always do something to sabotage yourself 


These are all examples of what could be trapped emotions from previous events in your life. They could even be trapped emotions that have been passed on to you by your parents. ​


It's worth noting that even our beloved pets can benefit from the Emotion Code; for example, dogs that are hyper or seemingly untrainable may just need a solution that's deeper than your average "correction."  Click here to get more details and set up an appointment that will start you on the road to healing.​ The Emotion Code is a game changer. Through this service, I can help you listen to your body and discover ways to mend your mind/emotions. 

The good news is that as an Emotion Code Practitioner I can help you to release those trapped emotions to free you from the pain of the past. 


Need even more time? Additional Emotion Code sessions are always available.​



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