There's nothing like a couple of days away from the norm to help you clear your mind and make room for the birth of the "new you." You are ready to make a commitment to laser-focus on improving your life, and I'm going to help you do it. My "Clearing the Path" Life Coaching Retreat is in the Greater Cincinnati area and is booked by appointment.​

Clearing the Path to Have the Life of Your Dreams​

Have you heard about the Law of Attraction but are not sure what it is? Are you curious and want to know more? Spend an hour or two with me and I can walk you and your group through an easy three-step process for attracting what you want in your life. Whether you realize it or not, the Law of Attraction is always working for you, either in a positive or a negative way. Let me show you how you can attract what you want and stop attracting what you don't want in life.


Click here to set up a 30-minute discussion with me and see first-hand how my life coaching programs can make a real difference. I believe you're worth it – do you?

Personal life coaching can happen one-on-one (link to programs landing page) or in a group setting. I'm available to speak to your group on a variety of topics that will help individuals find happiness and peace, which will ultimately benefit everyone around them.


Offices, church groups, non-profits, athletic teams, schools, and other organizations can see an improvement in their culture with just an hour or two of education and inspiration on the following concepts.


In this weekend retreat I will guide you to be the gardener of your life. Just like growing your garden, there are things to tend to before you see those beautiful flowers. If you are willing to do the work, let's get together for a weekend. We'll discover what is stopping you from having the life of your dreams by getting into the "weeds" and getting our hands dirty. It will be well worth it.

Together we will take time to go inside and really connect with your inner wisdom and find out what it is you truly want in life. Then we will clear a path and plan to get there.


During this weekend retreat you can expect to:

  • Learn how to clear out the old thoughts (weed the garden)
  • Make peace with the past (till the soil)
  • Define what you want in life (plant your seeds)
  • Plan how to get the life you want (water the seeds)
  • Prepare to win BIG with your dream life (watch your garden grow)

I'll bring the tools and you just be ready and willing to do the work in your life's garden. Let's see what a beautiful life you can build.


Click here to contact me about the "Clearing the Path" weekend retreat and ask about the bring-a-friend special offer.

Have you ever had a day that was ruined by something unexpected or by someone else's behavior? Maybe you were having a great morning that ended when someone cut you off in traffic. Or, you couldn't shake the bitterness when a co-worker earned praise for a project that you helped with, and you received no recognition. Even our personal lives are subject to negative emotions – have you ever fought with your partner over something and then not spoken with him/her for days?


We've all been there, but it doesn't have to be that way.


If these scenarios sound familiar to your and/or your group, contact me. I'll walk you all through the process of how to let go of the negative and live in the positive life of gratitude.





If you've begun working with the Law of Attraction but are still attracting the "same old stuff," then it's time to go deeper into your understanding of this powerful tool. I will walk you through the common pitfalls that beginners may experience. Together, we will review the steps for attracting what you want in your life and reexamine the most important step in attracting the life of your dreams. This speaking engagement is an excellent follow-up for groups that have participated in Law of Attraction 101.


Is there something or someone from your past or current life that you just can't get over? Do you feel anger when you think about it/them? If that anger is still a presence and you find it showing itself at work, at home, with friends, or with family, then it's time to address it head-on and learn how to release it. Let me walk you through a process that will help you find freedom from this negativity and allow you to wholly live a life that you love. In an hour or two, you can change your life for the better.​


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