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"I have known about the Law of Attraction for many years. I loved the movie 'The Secret,' and watched it over and over but seemed to not be attracting what I wanted in my life. I was always attracting what I didn't want, so I contacted Tammy and in just a few short weeks I understood the process and started seeing new and positive results in my life. I got it. I would strongly recommend that if you are feeling stuck and need a new outlook on life, go through this program with Tammy. It is life changing!"


"Wow, I now understand and I'm focusing on what I want; not what I don't want. Amazing results. Thank you!"


"I went through this coaching to heal a long-time resistance I had with my mother. I knew it was now or never to resolve it. She was in a nursing home and time for us to physically be together would soon come to an end. The coaching helped me to see our relationship in a different light and I had such a wonderful healing that I could feel the difference when I was around her and staff that took care of her.
"I completed my coaching program around Mother's Day and I talked to her about several issues, including how I had behaved during my years as her daughter. I told her I was sorry and she responded, 'it happens.' That was it – the years of stress and frustration were over. We enjoyed the last few months of her life on earth and when she was dying it was peaceful and beautiful. I'm not sure if that would have been the case if I had not gone through this program. Healing Your Heart coaching did just that for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who is stuck in the past with old hurts and wounds."


"Healing Your Heart coaching was a great experience for me to go through this past year with coaching from Tammy. I had some unresolved emotions that were 'stuck' and I was able, through her coaching, to work through them and overcome the past feelings that were left open. The experience also helped me to reconnect back to early memories in my life and to see them now clearly with the coaching and also the key insights that were shared during the program. Emotionally it really helped me to let go and to move from the past into the future. I would highly recommend to anyone who feels they might have some unresolved feelings to work through."


"Tammy took me through the Healing Your Heart exercise and it was amazing. It really opened my eyes and my heart. The laws she taught are definitely true life laws that we should always keep top of mind. To this day, I still check in with my 'internal flame' and adjust as needed. Also, I still allow myself to be proud of what I've accomplished, learn to forgive and always have faith. I truly enjoyed her coaching and have recommended the coaching to other friends and family."



"I've been trying to lose weight for years. I would lose 10 pounds and gain back 15. I tried every diet program, multiple times. I was so frustrated that I was just about to give up, thinking the weight would never come off for good. When I heard about the Emotion Code I set up an appointment with Tammy. I figured it would be one last, try, and boy am I glad I did.  

"Tammy released many trapped emotions and I could feel a difference after the first session. My eating habits have changed, and I have a whole new outlook on life and food. The more emotions that Tammy released, the better I felt, and the weight has been coming off. I even love to drink plain water now, although I hated it in the past."  


"I highly recommend an Emotion Code session (or two). I also had a backache for about a month that disappeared when Tammy worked on it. This program works!"  


"I was tired all the time and after a session, I have my energy back. Thank you!" 


"I had a sharp pain in my hips and I could not exercise. After a session, I'm as good as new. Thanks!" 


"My dog would always jump on people when they came in the house, but now he is calm and attentive. Thanks a bunch!" 

"My experience with life coaching has been extraordinary. Here goes my story: I thought that I had the perfect life, all except my marriage. I had been suffering for several years, but I lost faith, gave up, and didn't really even know who I was anymore. I had been hearing about life coaching, so I signed up to work with Tammy to see how it could help me in my troubled life. Tammy is wonderful; working with her in this program she mentored, guided, and gave me resources that I needed to heal myself and make life-changing decisions.

"My homework and weekly conference call sessions with her were amazing. She gave me the confidence to do some really tough soul-searching techniques and very soon I realized that I wanted and deserved a better life for myself. Because of Tammy's values and coaching experience, today I have a new life and am so very happy. I truly believe that Tammy and the program changed my life forever and I am so grateful that I experienced it. My life is so enriched now – I am blessed!"




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